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Trouble with Rubber

May 29th 2018

So you replaced your old worn damaged #coolerdoorseals… Your freezer doors aren’t still closing properly? What gives?

This question comes up in the #foodservice industry periodically. I got new #doorgaskets but now my doors are not closing. At Hinged, our first question is always “How long were the previous gaskets on your cooler, freezer, warmer etc.?” The magnets in cooler door seals can polarize the actual frame of the unit depending on how long the “old” gaskets were there.

There is good new to this. This is not a permanent problem and is easily solved. It’s more of an irritation than anything. The new cooler door seal needs to go on the door and stay there. After 1-2 weeks the unit will reverse its polarity and everything will work like it should. That’s it!

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