Spring Cleaning It Is!

Spring Cleaning It Is!

Mar 2nd 2020

Do You Need Spring Cleaning For Your Commercial Kitchen? - Why Yes You Do! Focus On cleaning your equipment in 5 main areas.

  1. DUCT CLEANING - Ducts are a major piece of commercial kitchen equipment that require extra attention. The exterior hood of a duct acquires build up of grease, oils, and bacteria. Steam cleaning the hood and duct areas will help alleviate some of this build up. The grease baffles must be removed and cleaned with a non-abrasive soap & degreaser. If your grease baffles are in too bad of shape they need to be replaced. Polish Stainless steal with micro-fiber cloths once your ducts and hood are dry.
  2. COMMERCIAL KITCHEN FLOORS - Just thinking about the grime and dirt that these acquire over the course of 1 year. Simply washing your restaurant floor daily does not cut it. A clean commercial kitchen floor does not only look and smell great but helps eliminate slipping hazards. Excess grease builds up over time making the kitchen floor extra slippery. Use a degreaser and wipe up the extra grease with a paper towel after the floor has been sitting with the degreaser for about 10 minutes. Finally, excess residue should be removed with a cloth and then commercial kitchen floor should get a thorough mopping.
  3. Ovens, Fryers, & Grills - Commercial kitchen ovens need to be cleaned regularly. Don't wait until they start to smoke! Use high quality commercial cleaning products to cut through the grease after loose burnt areas have been removed from your commercial oven. Usually these degreasers sit on equipment over night and are rinsed off with a dish soap. Fryers and grills with too much grease become a fire hazard! Unplug them and drain the oil. Remove Fryer baskets & shelves and soak them in a degreaser over night. As always, replace damaged fryer baskets & shelves.
  4. COMMERCIAL COOLERS & FREEZERS - Commercial coolers & freezers need to be turned off, emptied, & defrosted. Remove refrigerated shelves and drawers so they can be cleaned properly. Use a non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down the equipment. Replace damaged cooler & freezer gaskets and gently wipe down the ones that are in good shape. Look for damages to cooler door hinges and freezer laatches.
  5. MAINTAIN SINKS - Commercial kitchen sinks are definitely a breeding ground for bacteria. Be sure to use a professional grade cleaner with a disinfectant. Also use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to clean the ENTIRE commercial kitchen sink area. Control grease and oil build up by utilizing products mean to keep drains free and clear. This will keep water running freely and help prevent nasty odors.