Restaurant Fire Prevention

Restaurant Fire Prevention

Feb 25th 2020

In order to prevent #restaurant fires we need to know what usually causes them. Restaurant fires are mainly caused in 5 different areas (cooking fires, electrical fires, heating equipment, smoking material, & intentional).

  • Cooking fires - The leading cause of restaurant fires. Nearly 61% of all restaurant fires are started by cooking equipment. Of this 61%, 31% of cooking equipment fires are caused by deep fryers.
  • Electrical/Lighting Equipment - Bad breaker boxes, faulty electrical equipment, bad wiring, and overloading electrical outlets contribute to 9% of restaurant fires.
  • Smoking - Cigarette smoking causes 7% of all restaurant fires. Most fires start near trash cans.
  • Arson - 4% of fires in restaurants are intentionally set.

A whopping 22% of the restaurant fires involving cooking equipment were caused by failure to clean kitchen equipment, which is 100% preventable. Make sure your restaurant is up to current fire code. As always do preventative maintenance on all of your commercial kitchen equipment.