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Paper or Plastic -Patio Dinning at its finest

Paper or Plastic -Patio Dinning at its finest

Aug 1st 2018

When does it turn too casual? Do your outdoor dinning methods put a damper on your customers dinning experience?

Outdoor dinning is an extension of your restaurant. Many restaurant goers like dinning outdoors more than indoors (weather permitting of course). With that said, how casual is too casual? When does causal turn into an inconvenience? Does your restaurant have different napkins for outdoors that are smaller than normal and have a tendency blow off the diners lap? Do you use plastic cutlery instead of stainless because it’s easier to toss than wash? How does your patron cut their sandwich or steak with a plastic knife? What happens when the knife inevitably breaks into two & leaves the customer stranded breathlessly waiting for their server to return only to beg for more cutlery in hopes that it wont snap again?

Or do you serve paper dishes instead of glass so your diners have to place something heavy on their plate if fear of it taking flight in the wind?

Outdoor dining is something people look forward to in the warmer months. Diners go out for the experience as well as the convenience. When both are not achieved, restaurants easily sabotage their name because the diners experience was less than pleasurable. Resulting in customers not wanting to return to the establishment.

AND… in the restaurant industry word of mouth travels fast!