Gasket Guide

Lost in The Mess and Madness of Rubber? 

Identifying your cooler and freezer door gaskets do not have to be this hard. Certain cooler manufacturers only utilize certain gasket profiles (or shapes) on their units. So do not get discouraged! Hinged has put together a reference on identifying your gasket according to its manufacturer. We have removed the pain in the gasket discovery process! ALSO REMEMBER - WE CAN MANUFACTURE ANY SIZE ANY STYLE. Please call 844.292.6694 or E-mail for details. *Please note gasket seal images are ABOVE their description. Some gasket profiles are available in santoprene for higher temp. applications such as warmers.

Door Gasket D2076 | Magnetic screw-in gasket. Delfield & some others. Can be swapped by the U2250


Door Gasket C10095 | Magnetic screw-in gasket. DukeTylerVictoryNor-LakeHoward-McCray, & others.

Door Gasket U2250 | Magnetic screw-in gasket. Delfield RandellVictoryUtility & many others. This “Universal” gasket can be put on almost anything that is in very bad condition that the original profile will not work.


Door Gasket S2208 | Magnetic screw-in gasket. TraulsenCarter-HoffmanFederal & some others. Low profile magnetic screw-in gasket. Used on doors with narrow offset. If the door is not perfectly straight & there is space, use U2250.

Door Gasket H2211 | Magnetic panel-mount gasket. Hobart, Vulcan-Hart, Utility, & others. Gasket has some stretch & should be made a little small for a snug fit.

Door Gasket S2396 | Compression screw-in gasket. BrownTraulsenBev-AirHobart, Atlas, & many others. Very common used on many varieties of OEM and custom equipment.

Door Gasket L082 | Compression screw-in gasket. Hobart, Bev-Air, & more. Same as above, but slightly thicker. Be careful not to use this on an old door that is close on the hinge side. It is hard to compress and requires a lot of heat.

Door Gasket V2328 | Compression snap in gasket. Jordon & Victory coolers and freezers.

Door Gasket D2079 | Magnetic press in gasket. Common on Delfield & other freezers, warmers, & coolers.

Door Gasket U9532 | Magnetic Press-in Gasket. Common on ContinentalHobartKairakMasterbilt, Randell, & many others. Most universal dart mounted gasket. Easy to install with our tools. 

Door Gasket G9527  Magnetic press-in gasket. Common on GlencoBev-Air Traulsen, & many others. Similar to the U9532 but the magnet chamber is in the center of the gasket.

Door Gasket B9555 | Large magnetic press-in gasket. Found on Victory Glenco, Traulsen & other commercial refrigeration units. This gasket is thicker, harder and overall larger than the U9532.

Door Gasket H9539 | Magnetic press-in gasket. Triple dart gasket common on Howard-McCrayBallyBrown, & many more commercial freezers and coolers.

Door Gasket S10054 | Magnetic press-in gasket. Commonly found on BarrSchaefer & other cooler and freezer commercial kitchen units.

Door Gasket K9525 | Magnetic press-in gasket. Common on Kolpak-Vollrath commercial refrigerator freezer units.

Door Gasket H2327 | Magnetic push-in gasket.  On Foster & Hobart commercial refrigerator freezer units. Can replace other press-in seals that have wide track.

Door Gasket D2049 | Magnetic push-in gasket. Seal profile common on older Delfield commercial refrigeration and freezer units.

Door Gasket D2074 | Magnetic push-in gasket. Seal profile commonly found on Delfield commercial refrigerator freezer units.

Door Gasket R2257 | Magnetic push-in gasket. Common on Randell commercial refrigeration and freezer units.

Door Gasket T2213 | Magnetic push-in gasket. Found on Traulsen commercial refrigeration and freezer units. Original gasket is foamed in place. Installation of these gaskets may be difficult.

Door Gasket T9541 | Magnetic press-in gasket. Gasket seal found on older (<2005) True reach-in commercial refrigeration units.

Door Gasket H2278 | Magnetic push-in gasket. Gasket seal common on Hussmann Innovator doors.

Glass Door Gasket A2262 | Magnetic panel-mount gasket. Glass door gasket seal common on Anthony & Zero-Zone commercial refrigerator freezer units. Anthony model 101 door mounted gasket.

Glass Door Gasket A2428 | Magnetic press-in Gasket. Glass door gasket seal common on Anthony & McCall commercial refrigerator freezer units.

Glass Door Gasket U2260 | Magnetic push-in gasket. Glass door gasket seal AnthonyBiloff, HussmannKelvinator , Leer, Masterbilt, Schaefer, Tyler, Vulcan, & other cooler/freezer units.

Glass Door Gasket A9536 | Magnetic press-in gasket. Anthony frame mounted Gaskets for display units. “New” style frame mounted gaskets for doors manufactured after Nov. 1981. Most installations also need retainers, use retainer profile A2286.

Glass Door Gasket U9535 | Magnetic snap-in gasket. Gasket seal common on ArdcoHobart/Koch, McCall, Nor-Lake, & Pinnacle commercial refrigeration and freezer units.

Glass Door Gasket A2261 | Magnetic press-in gasket. Anthony frame mounted commercial refrigeration and freezer units. “Old” style frame mounted gaskets for doors manufactured prior to Nov. 1981, uses retainer 2310.

Door Gasket T2458 | Magnetic push-in gasket. Found on newer True commercial refrigerator freezer units (>2005). Similar to the 2563 except the dart is larger and offset more to the side.

Door Gasket T2563 | Magnetic push-in gasket. Found on newer True commercial cooler units (>2005). Don’t confuse with the T2458 this gasket is a little larger and the dart is closer to the center.

Door Gasket D122 | Magnetic Push-in gasket. Common on Delfield coolers and freezers.

Door Gasket U2209 |  Magnetic press-in gasket. Found on True, PerlickUniversal-NolinBev-Air, and many others.

Door Gasket S383 | Magnetic Push-in Gasket. Door seal common on SilverKing coolers and freezers. Profile also available in santoprene for warmer applications up to 275 degrees F.

Door Gasket T425 | Magnetic Push-in seal. Door gasket commonly found on Turbo air and Masterbilt.

Door Gasket G285 | Magnetic Panel-mount gasket seal. Common on glass door applications for Styleline, VictoryMcCallLeerZero Zone, & some other commercial refrigeration units. Seal must be measured exact.

Door Gasket B5583 | Magnetic Panel-mount gasket. Door seal common on Barr refrigeration coolers and freezers.

Glass Door Retainer A2286 | Use with gasket A9536. For Anthony model 1001 glass display doors 20-11399-1069.


Glass Door Retainer A2310 | Use with gasket A2261. For Anthony model 1000 glass display doors


Neoprene Sweep | Generic walk-in door sweep 3" wide x 1/16" thick.

Adhesive Backed Flange Gasket Seal |  Temp range is -30  to 150F.

D-Bulb Door Gasket Seal | Temp range -30 to 200F.

Adhesive backed EDPM bar roll gasket |  Available in various sizes and lengths. Weather and abrasion resistant. Temp range -10 to 150F.

High-temp Silicone Adhesive Backed Gasket Seal | Available in various sizes and lengths.